Arch & Hook and Ridley Scott Creative Group collaborate on sustainability film for London Fashion Week

Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret’ launched at London Fashion Week today. The film was made by Ridley Scott Creative Group together with Arch & Hook, the world’s leading and only sustainable hanger brand. The film raises awareness of hanger pollution in the fashion industry and stars Model Mafia activist Nimue Smit wearing designs by sustainable couturier Ronald Van Der Kemp.

The film highlights the HUGE but unknown problem in fashion retail distribution, better known as the ‘garment on hanger’ (GOH) stage. This unseen stage is when garments are transported from factories to stores, before being discarded for branded front of house hangers. It’s estimated that 150 billion garments are produced globally every year (source: Journal of Cleaner Production). If just two thirds of these garments use GOH, this would mean that an estimated 100 billion hangers are used annually for this stage alone.

Arch & Hook made the film with RSCG to support the launch of BLUE – the world’s first hanger made entirely of Marine Plastics. Created for use in fashion, BLUE turns the hanger industry on its head by presenting a 100% recycled, fully closed-loop alternative to source plastic for hangers.