Aspire to Inspire

We invite you to virtually attend the launch of Arch & Hook’s Sustainability Salon Series, held online on Wednesday May 6th. This will be a series of conversations aimed at helping us rethink our actions and find new ways forward.

Companies like yours are facing challenges like never seen before. It’s time to assess the way we conduct business and how we can run our operations more sustainably, in order to seize the present opportunities. Time for inspiration!

Our first event’s theme is Changing the Rules of the Game and will be moderated by Kerry Bannigan who will be in conversation with a panel of game-changers, with the chance to ask questions and engage in the conversation.

Kerry Bannigan is the Founder of Conscious Fashion Campaign and Executive Director of the SDG Media Zone. The panel of game-changers are:

  • Theresa & Corinna Williams co-founders of Celsious, a premium sustainable garment care provider and New York’s First Laundromat-café located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The sisters aim to make laundry day a fun, relaxing and productive experience, and for the process itself to be as kind to the environment as possible.
  • Michael Waas Global Vice President and Brand Partnerships at TerraCycle, an international leader in recycling difficult-to-recycle waste and the circular economy. TerraCycle has recycled billions of pieces of waste, and pioneers recycling solutions for some of the world’s most challenging waste streams. In 2019, TerraCycle launched Loop: a global platform that allows companies to shift to a durable supply chain through a reuse model. Michael joined TerraCycle in 2008 and helped lead TerraCycle’s global expansion by developing award-winning sustainability partnerships with companies in diverse categories including P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Grupo Bimbo, L’Oreal, General Mills, Clorox, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Mondelez, AstraZeneca, Kimberly-Clark and more. He is passionate about helping companies of all sizes find the value of the “triple bottom line” and is an experienced speaker on the topics of sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and the circular economy.
  • Wyke Potjer, Dutch Journalist, specialized in sustainable lifestyle, Partner and Content Manager at the award-winning website (in English: ‘we can do it’). provides positive daily content on green, fair, and fun living. She’s also Co-Author of the hetkanWEL book that has the objective to inspire people to make more sustainable lifestyle choices by giving tips, factual information, and interviews with inspirational people who are making a difference. The book is due later this year, and there’s also an English version of the website in development.

Join us, and find out how YOU can contribute to a better world. We all win when we work together.

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