The world around us is experiencing exceptional circumstances, and so are companies like yours facing challenges never seen before. These tumultuous times are posing a great challenge for many businesses when it comes to sustainability. It is time to assess the way we conduct business and how we can run our operations more sustainably in order to seize the present opportunities.  

We invite you to virtually join our 2nd session of the Sustainability Salon Series which will be taking place on 17 June 2020. This is a series of monthly live webinars, exploring sustainability trends and innovation in the world of fashion, retail, and beyond.

This session will be focused on Legacy Brands. Moderator, Kerry Bannigan from the Conscious Fashion Campaign will be in conversation with panelists (soon to be confirmed) who have transformed themselves into sustainable brands and have wholesomely adopted sustainable practices, product, operational or business processes. Together we will explore ways on how your company can address the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) at local, national, and international level during these uncertain times.

This is your opportunity to be part of the conversation and learn more about sustainability initiatives for your company or brand. We will have time for Q&As, so think about what questions would you want to ask our panelists.

We will finish the webinar with key takeaways which you can bring back to your team or company for implementing sustainable initiatives and business transformation.

Are you looking to implement or transform your business, brand, or processes sustainably, and how? Look no further, sign up to the 2nd session of our Sustainability Salon Series and learn from those who have been successful at it!


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