Retail Safari During New York Market Week

During Market Week in December of 2019 we hosted the Retail Safari in NYC with the goal of providing a curated experience to inspire our participants by visiting and showcasing interesting and out-of-the-box retail concepts. To see the latest trends and groundbreaking concepts that are ahead of the curve and setting future trends.

Our participants had the opportunity to join an interactive experience powered by Pim Philip Experiences. Observations, discussions, and interactions were encouraged to spark an interesting discussion and an exchange of personal views. All in all, motivating our participants to rethink possibilities and opportunities in their own field of work.

A few highlights of the Market Week Retail Safari:

  1. The Phluid Project: Voted as the #1 Best Independent Retail Experience in 2019, this is an androgynous, unisex, a gender-free brand that wants to create a movement instead of a trend.
  2. The Dreamery by Casper: You can book a 45-minute nap and while doing that, you can experience Casper’s award-winning matrasses, sheets, and other products.
  3. UZ 38°C/99°F: J-Beauty: Our participants had the opportunity to try this Tokyo-based lip treatment and leave their vision and value regarding the product in one of their futuristic looking phonebooths!
  4. Gucci Wooster Bookstore: An “independent bookstore inspired” for the fashionable literary souls of today.
  5. Dirty Lemon: a beverage brand that creates “better” beverages that are sold in a selfie-friendly cashier-less store.
  6. Showfields: A multi-level store highlighting unique, online-only brands in wellness, home, and design. You can slide down from one floor to the other by using their in-store slide! Providing our participants with an immersive, educational, and fun experience.

If you will not be able to make it to the Retail Safari and would still love to meet up, do not hesitate in contacting us, we can arrange a private meeting. Or, you can also visit our Events page to check out other events we are hosting or attending.

Retail Safari during New York Market Week