Blue® hangers offer a 100% recycled, closed-loop alternative to source plastic for hangers

Dutch sustainable hanger company Arch & Hook (A&H) has developed what it claims is the world’s first garment hanger made entirely of plastic derived from ocean sources.

Arch & Hook Blue® hangers are made from plastic soup: a mixture of plastic and other waste collected from the four most polluting rivers in the world, that would otherwise end up in the ocean.

The materials are sorted and separated, shredded, transported, and prepared as raw material that is suitable to make hangers – offering a 100% recycled, fully closed-loop alternative.

Blue® hangers are initially intended for use in the ‘garment on hanger’ (GOH) transportation stage of fashion retail distribution. This unknown, unseen stage is when garments are transported from factories to stores, before being discarded for branded front of house hangers. It is estimated that 150bn garments are produced globally every year.

While there are currently no figures available for hanger production, on a local or global level, if just two-thirds of these garments use GOH, this would mean that an estimated 100bn hangers are used annually for this stage alone. The majority of these hangers are used once and 85% will end up in landfill, taking more than 1,000 years to degrade.

London-based French designer Roland Mouret and the British Fashion Council are supporting the launch of Blue® and have issued a letter of intent to UK apparel companies inviting them to ‘Switch to Blue®’ and join Arch & Hook’s Blue® circular hanger programme.

Thanks to special notches and add-on bars and clips, the modular patent-pending hangers can be used for any garment, in any combination – and at the end of their lifespan can be collected and remade into hangers, over and over again.

The Blue® hangers follow the launch of the company’s Mission-E® hanger earlier this year. Created for use in high-fashion, hospitality, and large scale retail, Mission-E® was the firm’s first 100% recyclable plastic hanger made from up to 100% recycled materials and is said to last five to tens times longer than single-use plastic hangers.


Words, Beth Wright from Just-Style

Photography, Ramazan Barlas