Arch & Hook’s Sustainability Salon Series is a series of FREE monthly live webinars, exploring sustainability trends and innovation in the world of fashion, retail, and beyond. With each session, we hope to spark conversation and inspiration within our industry, as well as share valuable business insights for new and stronger approaches toward better business and world.

We are thrilled to launch the 3rd session of our digital Salon Series, this time focusing on the Australian and West Coast US fashion and retail market. Register and join us on 25 August 2020 / 26 August in Australia (9 am AEST, 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST).

This session will explore sustainability trends and innovations regarding water in fashion and retail. With a panel representing water and sports brands, denim brands, and others, we will explore what are some of the latest technologies behind material production. How is this branch of fashion, so enclosed with nature, embracing the importance of sustainability in its brand stories? What business challenges are these brands facing in the current business climate?

The fashion industry is the third-largest user of water in production, so we will also dive deeper into the role of water as a commodity and resource and current challenges our industry is facing concerning overuse and pollution and how are brands tackling this.

These series are in partnership with the Conscious Fashion Campaign (CFC), in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, aiming to raise awareness and education within the fashion industry to facilitate collective action toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We’re excited to introduce you our MODERATOR for this session:

Gwenna “GiGi” Lucas – SurfearNEGRA

GiGi Lucas has 18+ years of experience in Global Brand Design and International Expansion. Helping brands like Nike, Kate Spade, Carter’s|Oshkosh, and JCrew with Retail Identity and Integrated Marketing. As an advisor and consultant, GiGi has leveraged her experience and expertise to guide over 35 startups and tech companies. Most recently, GiGi has combined her personal passion for the ocean with her professional experience to increase cultural & gender diversity in the surf industry through representation in media, retail offerings, and in the water. GiGi launched SurfearNEGRA, a non-profit organization with the goal to diversify the lineup by democratizing the sport to make surfing accessible to any kid, anywhere.

GiGi will be in conversation with sustainability leaders who have successfully reduced their (water) footprint, work for brands close to water or bring expertise and innovation to the topic.

Confirmed SPEAKERS for this session:

Adam Taubenfligel – Triarchy

Adam Taubenfligel is the Creative Director and Designer at Triarchy, an eco-friendly denim brand. Adam began his career in denim out of love of fashion. learning the art of denim on the factory floor in Italy brought his love of fashion to life in the form of jeans. Subsequent years spent making jeans in the traditional way quickly educated him on how disastrously wasteful the fashion and specifically denim industries are. Alongside his brother, sister, and their brand, Triarchy, they set out to change the denim industry, one pair of jeans at a time.




Abigail Lorick – Ansea

Ansea is a sustainable lifestyle brand providing timeless essentials for women who love the water, created by recognizing a gap in the women’s surf and swimwear market. Taking cues from the ocean, Ansea creates products for women of all backgrounds and bodies with an emphasis on versatility, made with premium, sustainable textiles such as Econyl® and Yulex®, a plant-based alternative to neoprene that’s gentler on the planet, responsibly crafted in NYC and LA. Ansea is grounded in supporting not just women, but the well-being of the water we love and the communities that surround it. This session is joined by co-founder Abigail Lorick who spent her childhood off the coast of Florida sailing and surfing competitively. Previously designed for & Other Stories, Cynthia Rowley, and Stance, Lorick was also “ghost designer” for Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion line on the TV show Gossip Girl.



Chris Heysel – Arc’teryx

Instilled at an early age love of nature and a value-based work lead Chris to join Arc’teryx just over a year ago, during which period he has already overseen significant growth in the company’s sustainability strategy including the acceptance of a Science-Based Target and a commitment to 100% Renewable Energy beginning in 2020. With a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and a specialization in Applied Sustainability from Queen’s University, Chris has helped some of Canada’s largest financial institutions in setting and achieving their carbon, water, and waste targets. Chris has been the sustainability lead for several of Vancouver’s largest infrastructure projects and contributed significantly to California’s High-Speed Rail definition of environmental sustainability metrics.



This webinar is focused on bringing unique business insights for your sustainability challenges and initiatives and aims to offer key takeaways that you can bring back to your team or company for implementing sustainable business transformation.

This is your opportunity to be part of the conversation and learn more about how can you take action and approach water sustainability for your company or brand. We will have time for Q&As, so think about what questions would you want to ask our amazing panelists.

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