J. Mueser Teams Up With Arch & Hook on Sustainable Bespoke Hangers

Bespoke suiting brand J. Mueser has teamed up with Dutch brand Arch & Hook, the creator of the world’s number one sustainable bespoke hanger – birthed from the realization that in elegant spaces, the small details matter and what started as a mission to provide personalized hangers to consumers is becoming an ecological solution.

The vision of this collaboration? To shed light on the revolutionary steps Arch & Hook have made to make hangers a staple of moral luxury in every suit lovers closet.

source: https://www.bondofficial.com/arts-culture/2019/2/16/j-mueser-teams-up-with-arch-amp-hook-on-sustainable-bespoke-hangers


Hangers are one of those covert essentials that typically go unappreciated and as a result, we find our closets filled with a proliferated ill-assorted array of these plastic, or wire frames.

“Yes, it started as a desire to create something beautiful and functional but then, we also refused to be a part of the problem. 85% of hangers end up in a landfill and in the US alone, 40 billion plastic hangers are imported each year. So without a question we knew we had to take a different approach. We decided that even if we made a small change for the good we would count that as success” says Arch & Hook’s creative director, Anne Bas.

Clearly designed with the need of each customer, the DNA of each brand and the importance of a conscience in mind, this Dutch brand is on the way to changing the way we think about hangers.