Dan Walker: ‘Made me rethink’ BBC host shocked at plastic waste revelation

DAN WALKER – BBC Breakfast host – was left shocked during the show’s report about plastic coat hangers, saying it “certainly made me rethink things”.

Dan Walker, 43, admitted he will “rethink” all his plastic waste after a BBC Breakfast report yesterday morning touched on the number of plastic coat hangers we throw away.

Dan and co-host, Louise Minchin introduced correspondent, Ben Thompson, who informed viewers that we throw away around 100 million plastic hangers every year and they all end up in landfill, part of the ongoing problem multiple environmental campaigns are trying to abolish.

He went on to explain that because of the duel material used to make hangers, they can take up to 1,000 years to break down, according to hanger recycling company, First Mile.

There have been many reports and warnings from scientists that global warming will soon have an irreversible impact on Earth and that we only have a few years left to turn things around.

But there are lots of people doing their bit to help save the planet and reduce their plastic waste dramatically, including big chain stores cutting down on all unnecessary plastic packaging and opting for sustainable materials that can be recycled easily.

“Bruno is not alone. Thanks for all your comments on this today. Certainly made me rethink things”

Dan Walker

Speaking to fashion designer, Roland Mouret, the report looked at how he is actively trying to implement recyclable hangers into fashion stores with the help of Dutch firm, Arch and Hook, calling original plastic hangers the “plastic straw” of the fashion industry and “unacceptable”.

“I think it’s stronger than a normal hanger, but at the moment, if you break it, it’s completely recyclable,” Roland said.

The ongoing problem has got a lot of people thinking and provoked Strictly Come Dancing judge, Bruno Tonioli, to respond to BBC Breakfast’s tweet about the report.

“I never even thought about this type of plastics waste,” the judge said honestly.

Although cutting down on plastic is becoming easier, there are still some things that we don’t realise are damaging to the planet, coat hangers being one of them.

Dan Walker: BBC host left shocked at plastic waste admission

Dan Walker: ‘Made me rethink’ BBC host shocked at plastic waste revelation

Bruno’s admission prompted Dan to respond: “Bruno is not alone. Thanks for all your comments on this today. Certainly made me rethink things #BBCbreakfast,” he said.

The BBC host looked shocked during the report as Ben joined him and Louise on the sofa to show them Roland’s new recyclable hangers.

“Something we all use,” he commented, listening intently to Ben’s analysis.

Users were quick to agree that the plastic hanger has to go. “I always decline the hanger now I have a wooden hanger dating back to my time in school in the late 60s,” one user said.

“I have plastic hangers that I have had for ages. Shops need to stop giving out hangers or impose a price on them like the plastic bags.”

“Brilliant idea – agree we have to change,” another quipped.

Dan Walker was shocked during the report about plastic hangers

A third said: “Great idea – I personally use wooden ones and always hand plastic ones back to the store for reusing. Would be good to see all plastic ones in stores replaced by 100 percent recyclable ones though definitely.”

“This @RolandMourethanger seems good plus has trouser clips on too so multi-purpose unlike other hangers. Well done!” Someone else praised the designer for his efforts.

But the report also left many viewers confused as to why so many hangers thrown away by stores coudn’t be reused instead.

“Surely the existing hangers go back and be used though? I always turn down a hanger at the shop and assumed the shop would send them back to be reused?” One user asked.

Another said: “Maybe I missed something, but as much as this is an improvement, what’s the issue with reusing hangers that have already been made? Recycling still uses a lot of energy. This only seems like part of the solution I think.”

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