Arch & Hook x Reblend at Dutch Design Week 2018

We are excited to announce this special and sustainable collaboration with ReBlend!

ReBlend is a social enterprise with a mission to raise awareness about the ecological impact of the textile industry and aims to inspire others on the use of renewable raw materials.

As a sustainable hanger company, we teamed up with ReBlend to cover our sustainable wooden hangers with “end-of-life” textiles to bring these fabric hangers to life. These “end-of-life” textile tend to end up in inceration if not used. We will also be showcasing our new product: PORT’R.

PORT’R is a mannequin alternative inspired by the authentic dress boy.

Come and join us during Dutch Design Week 2018 at Plan B in Eindhoven from 20-28 October from 11:00-18:00 at Hurskestraat 19.