Arch & Hook Launches New Sustainable Hanger Program at London Fashion Week 2019

A sustainable alternative to source plastic hangers

Arch & Hook invites you to be part of the London Fashion Week this September 2019. This will be the first of the four global Fashion Weeks to embrace inclusivity by opening the doors to both trade and the public. Let’s all celebrate fashion’s creativity, community, and diversity together.

There will be a Designer Exhibition with focus on Positive Fashion. This is an initiative from the British Fashion Council (BFC) which was designed to support the fashion industry’s best practices led by their three Positive Fashion pillars:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Equality & Diversity
  3. Craftmanship & Community

The BFC has invited fashion innovators and progressive businesses to share their stories and showcase how things are made. Next to that, they will also be informing and inspiring audiences on the positive changes within the industry.

Arch & Hook is one of the proud sponsors of London Fashion Week, and will also be part of the Positive Fashion Exhibition. As a hanger brand that brings beautiful designs supported by fully sustainable production, this is the perfect place and time to debut our new sustainable hanger program. Our yet to be launched sustainable hanger program is supported by the fashion designer, Roland Mouret, and the BFC. Arch & Hook will take this opportunity to show and inform trade and public visitors how we are creating a more sustainable fashion future while contributing to cleaner oceans.

Would you like to discover new brands and immersive experiences within the fashion industry? The #PositiveFashion exhibition is the place for you to be! This is an opportunity to explore the most compelling stories around sustainability, craftmanship, and ethics. The Positive Fashion Exhibition is located at The Store X, 180 Strand, London WC2R 1EA – from 9AM to 7:30 PM.