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– custom made hangers –

Designing a hanger collection is a collaborative process, it’s about great designs and engineers coming as one to achieve a common aim.

The design of the Arch & Hook collection is truly compelling. Every detail and functionality of our hanger collection has been beautifully executed. From the sleek body of the hangers to the flawlessly integrated use of velvet. Strengthened by ultra-refined finishes of all other materials. Modifications give our collections a striking contemporary presence. The personalization is even more striking; endless color and varnish combinations and engraving. All combined to deliver a uniquely purposeful stance. 

The Arch & Hook collection has a familiar timeless design, architecture that exudes simplicity and functionality. Luxurious materials and exceptional craftsmanship are harmoniously combined, to create a bespoke piece, which is both calm and sophisticated. 

Everything has been designed and crafted around you. At the heart of these authentic, yet modern hanger pieces lie the key. Arch & Hook provides the tools, you use your imagination.

We would like to invite you for our upcoming event with Arch & Hook:

Friday 18th of May


Gelderlandplein 2

Saturday 19th of May


van Baerlestraat 88-90

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