Say hello to 5 startups that have translated an eco-idea into an everyday sustainable product.

The ordinary consumer is evolving into a conscious consumer who demands to know more about the sustainable development and the full history of what they are buying. It is an inevitable direction that has opened up a market where startups of sustainable innovations can be successful when translating their eco-idea into an everyday product. Here are a few everyday products that have caught our attention:

Arch & Hook Hangers

The world’s first sustainable hanger company Arch & Hook is keen to take part in creating a circular fashion system by raising awareness and offering a solution to the damage that happens behind the screens of visual merchandising in the fashion industry. Founded in Amsterdam by Sjoerd Fauser and Anne Bas in 2015, the Dutch company believes that the clothes hanger can be sustainable both from an ecological and an economic point of view.

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Anne Bas, says: “​Brands need to know that there is an accessible, beautifully designed, economically friendly solution to put an end to the production of harmful products in retail, by investing in long-lasting, sustainably made hangers​.”

They are offering groundbreaking solutions to brands so they can display clothing in a way that compliments their brand identity. Arch & Hook is turning the hanger industry on its head by presenting a sustainable solution to the tens of billions of clothing hangers that end up in landfills annually. All wooden products are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) labelled, and all plastic used is 99% recycled and recyclable.


Written by: Muchaneta Kapfunde

date: May 17, 2019