3 Sustainable Brands Who Will Also Be at LFW19

Our three picks for sustainable brands to keep an eye on at LFW this September

The countdown has begun! A few weeks left for London Fashion Week, and also the launch of our new sustainable hanger program. Will you be attending LFW this year? The first of the four global Fashion Weeks to open its doors to the public.

As you know, there will be a Designer Exhibition with focus on Positive Fashion, an initiative by the British Fashion Council (BFC) which was designed to support the fashion industry’s best practices. One of the three Positive Fashion pillars that leads the fashion industry’s best practices is sustainability.

A sustainable future requires ambition, leadership and commitment. Meet three other sustainable brands who will also be presenting at LFW this September.

Luna Del Pinal

This brand is the joint effort of textile designers Gabriela Luna and Corina del Pinal. The duo went on a trip to Guatemala with a mission to master one of the oldest weaving techniques in the world; Backstrap weaving. This is an ancient art that is central to Guatemalan culture in the production of clothing and textiles.

The duo was mesmerized by the natural surroundings of Xela and other parts of the country. Fascinated by the traditions and artistic heritage of Guatemala, their brand was born: Luna Del Pinal.

The brand is seen as ethical thanks to its commitment to slow, responsible fashion and also by employing the indigenous craftspeople of Guatemala. They support native artists and contribute to a positive change for the local communities of Guatemala.

Luna Del Pinal quickly gained recognition at the Paris Fashion Week AW16 for creating truly authentic, hand-made clothing with a contemporary aesthetic.

PRESENTATION: 14 September 2019 from 09:30 – 11:30

Aspinal of London

Aspinal of London is the quintessential English luxury brand that offers designer handbags, purses, wallets, luggage, leather accessories and stationery. The brand is known to create covetable contemporary classics to both women and man.

Each piece is handcrafted in the finest factories in Europe, to bring to you at an affordable price and great value, made to bel loved.

Running out of gift ideas? Aspinal of London is the go-to gift emporium. The service at any Aspinal of London is second to none thanks to their performance and ability to deliver customer’s needs.

The brand strongly believes that luxury should not cost the earth. They are committed in understanding their environmental and socio-economic impacts, and take action to proactively improve the. They ensure that all of their products are made in accordance with their high Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards.

PRESENTATION: 15 September 2019 from 13:30 – 16:30

Richard Malone

Malone’s unique style is a result of his great inspiration from sculpture. Nearly all of Malone’s research is conducted primarily by engaging in his surroundings, taking much of his inspiration from Ireland’s rebellious working-class teens.

Malone frequently explores what he designs as ‘weird contrast’. He describes it as a “flashy” colour palette; ‘supermarket’ blue, green and yellow.

One of Malone’s remarkable talents is his ability to translate inspiration found in his hometown in Ireland. He would see at the local pub, the diverse mix of women, and translate them into elegantly-constructed garments that are simultaneously sculptural and easy to wear.

Malone has been outspoken about the issues in the fashion industry, from politics to prejudice. He is also an advocate for sustainable fashion. The yarns from his collections are sourced from the Himalayas, he works with a community of female artisans in Southern India to hand-weave the fabrics and dye them in a natural way. He’s strongly against the mass production involved in the fashion industry.

PRESENTATION: 16 September 2019 at 14:00